Which Style of Music Should I Play at My Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are hundreds of different decisions to make, ranging from the small, seemingly inconsequential ones to the major ones that will potentially have a huge impact on how enjoyable the occasion is for the couple, the families and their guests.

Choosing the right type of musical entertainment certainly falls into the latter category, as the genre of the songs played can either make for a wild, fun occasion, or alternatively something more subdued and sophisticated, depending on your choice.

Although many people spend time thinking about whether to book a singer or a band – or instead simply hire a DJ for the night – the style of music that you choose for your wedding is perhaps even more important

Bands are known for being high energy and since they are performing music live, they usually cost more than DJs. Most DJ setups are modest at best, however depending on your package they may also require additional hours for setup.

Keep this in Mind

You will want to audition the band or DJ before making your decision. If you do not want the hokey pokey played and if the company you choose says “that song makes my ears bleed”, then you will work well together.

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How Polish Wedding Receptions

Despite the lack of Scottish ceilidh music at Polish weddings they still have more than enough excitement to make the entire night go with a bang! Both nations have strong traditions of great wedding parties so here is a short comparison so you know just what to look forward to if you are lucky enough to attend either.


While Scottish wedding receptions usually serve a regular three course meal, some snacks later in the night and a host of drinks from the bar, Polish weddings take this to another level. Opposite families (all ages involved) are pitted against each other in a battle royal of dance offs sometimes involving men doing ballet and women doing the cancan.


Scottish wedding will of course normally feature one of a number of Scottish dance bands or ceilidh bands always available for hire for such events.