If You Think You Get Energies, Then Read This


Usually seen as decorations in the house or officet, you would often see the orgonite pyramid used by those people who want to protect themselves from acquiring negative and harmful energies in their surroundings.

Self-help books would espouse the fact that, what you think you also bring into completion – that it is your thoughts that would create and shape your future; still, it would be great if you have something that can help you to continuously attract health and wealth in to your life, aside from constantly thinking about it. Observe how your body is a complicated operating machine yet it operates and works as one unit. Even if some part of your body is not well, the other parts and mechanisms would contribute and work together in order to heal it or speed the process along, with little or no help from you. Though one way to help your body out is by protecting yourself from negative energies in your surroundings through the use of an orgonite pyramid.

An orgonite pyramid is made up of unique combinations of various organic and inorganic matters found in your surroundings, which acts as a charm against negative vibes or forces around you. There are those people who use it as a charm, placing it on their tables where guests, clients, or family members usually stay, sometimes as part of the main decoration found inside the house or office, or the main focal item in the room itself. Thus, putting an orgone accumulator where other people would stay for long periods of time is a good choice, it can effectively eradicate any negative vibrations and negative forces that could be found there. It mainly works by effectively filtering out the negative ions in the atmosphere and only allowing the positive ones to flow in the surroundings for the person’s benefit.

These positive energies and vibrations will fuel your thoughts, keeping you feeling great, alive and you get to achieve overall good health.

Moreover, using an orgone accumulator will help you free your home or office from any negative vibrations or energies which can sometimes repel wealth and good luck. Another great thing about it is that it will also clear your thoughts out as well as protect you from any electronic radiations that are emitted by your phones, television or computers.

You can use these objects as part of your holistic routine because it has been proven to provide great calming effects, alertness and mental clarity to the user; aside from that, you are also taking extra steps to protect yourself from negative energy, vibrations and other forces that can bring you down and disrupt your normal and healthy way of living.

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