Entertainment & Favor Ideas

Many people who are getting married opt for the easiest thing and just hire a wedding planner who will hire singers, professional musicians and other entertainment after he discusses it with you. Entertainment that goes along with the type of individuals you, he and your families are, that will not be “eyebrow lifters,” when it comes to what your guests perceive and will talk about for days to come.

George Howard has been involved in the wedding planning industry for many years and has used his experience to source all the resources needed to plan a wedding from hiring a master of ceremony to finding wedding entertainment

If you are having children attend your wedding there are a number of ideas which you can incorporate into your wedding to keep them entertained.

If your budget allows, you can ask the reception venue if they have a separate smaller area that you could rent to use as a children’s entertainment room. Of course there are traditional children’s wedding favors such as wedding inspired coloring and activity books, Bride and Groom teddy bears, piggy banks or rubber ducks.

With a bit of imagination you can create a fun atmosphere for the children in your wedding and give them something special and memorable to take home with them.