Choosing The Right Entertainment

Most people hear the word caricature and say,”a caricature artist, that’s just for kids.” People seem to associate a caricaturist with their youth. Perhaps it was that caricature drawing they got at Disney or the Jersey shore when they were a kid. With my experience in the party and entertainment business, I can tell you that is a myth.

Adults love being sketched by a caricaturist. You get wedding entertainment and great wedding favors. And having a cartoon artist is quite reasonable when you figure that you take care of both options. At Christmas and Holiday parties you hear the comments from people when they see me drawing caricatures.

No matter what the occasion, choosing the right entertainment can turn a good evening into a truly memorable event. There are many different types of entertainment to choose from, so it is important to pick the right entertainment to suit the type of event.


The type of entertainment that is appropriate for a wedding depends on the wedding itself. For a couple to choose entertainment that their guests will remember they should match the type of musicians to suit the style of wedding.

Corporate Events

A corporate event can range from a lunchtime picnic to a formal black tie evening.